Monday, July 5, 2010

Starting Over (with the blog!)

I am really not sure how to jump back in to this blog! I’ve been meaning to update. I’ve been meaning to record all the new things the boys are doing. I’ve also been meaning to fold the three (maybe four) baskets of clean clothes in my room! The boys have changed soooo much since 9 months (when I last blogged). They graduated from babies to toddlers and one of the biggest changes is that they are now walking. This is a wonderful and exciting milestone that every parent looks forward to, but it also means they are more active, curious and demanding of my time. By the time they are in bed, I’m wiped out and have no energy – or brain power – to write! I’m getting a handle on our routine and schedule so I’m hoping to be more consistent with the blog. So … Hi, again! Oh, and the boys are, most of the time, sleeping through the night!!! Hallelujah!!! That is probably the biggest difference that is going to allow me time and energy to keep this blog updated :) The only interruption to STTN so far has been teething. Jack has suffered most and is now getting THREE molars at one time. Nick has one molar that has broken through his gums but Jack is drooling everywhere and seems to be in a lot of pain. If that's the case we give him Motrin before bed but occasionally he is woken up with painful "toofies".
I’m really sad that I put the blog on the back burner during these past few months because he boys have been doing, and learning, so much. They are now eating big people food – eating whatever we are eating and favorites include (in order of yummy'ness) blueberries, strawberries, peaches, pears, cheese, graham crackers, lasagna and eggs. They’ll eat veggies but they’re very selective nowadays. It was much easier to get veggies down when they were pureed. It must a texture thing with them. Asparagus, broccoli and zucchini are maybes, depending on the mood. ;)  Sweet potatoes and butternut squash are usually accepted.  They are walking! They are dancing. They say “Doggy”, “Momma”, “Daddy” (which sounds like Doggy lol), “Balloon” (Baaaou), “Ball” (Baa), “More” (Ma Ma Ma) and “Book” (Booo). We think we’ve heard other words here and there but not consistently. They each know where their nose is and they understand me when I ask them to do something! I was so impressed one day when I asked the boys if they were tired & ready for their nap and they walked to the nursery by themselves! They also do this if I say “let’s go change your diaper”! If one is awake before the other & whoever is awake hears the other crying on the monitor, they walk to the nursery to get their brother up :) It’s the cutest darn thing. They also pick each others’ nose! (picture evidence below) Gross. They love to be tickled. They give me kisses – Jack likes the open mouth, slobbery variety and Nick is more of a sweet, lean in half way peck kind of kid. They give me hugs. They give each other hugs and kisses too ♥ They love to play with my hair. They love when Daddy comes home from work. They love to play with their shoes & undo the Velcro. They love to go on walks in the morning with me, Unky Brian, Grandpa Don and the two doggies – I think they love the doggies most! I’m sure there is a lot more that I’m not thinking about at the moment. I’m tired ... but I promise to be back soon!

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