Monday, July 5, 2010

April Pictures

April was a BIG month for us:  First trip to Oregon, First Easter, Baby Dedication, First Birthday, First Haircuts and One Year Photos!! (all in that order too)
Since I've already posted pics in seperate entries of our First trip to Oregon, First Easter and First Birthday, we'll start with the babies' dedication on April 11, 2010 at Discovery Church by our Pastor, JD Pearring.  JD was also our Pastor at our wedding in 2005 and we were so excited to have him dedicate our boys too.
A good friend, Ben Finney, introducing Jack and Nick
Chris introducing our family and briefly stating our desire to raise our boys in the Christian faith and our intent to foster a loving relationship with God
JD praying for the boys and dedicating them to the Lord
After church we went to lunch with everyone that was there to support our baby boys on their special dedication day:
Jack was in the red chair ~ Nick was in the yellow chair (and I might add they were both tired, hungry & quite irritated that we had to wait 45 min for our turn!)
We had the boys' one year photos taken at the JC Penney studio in the Galleria Mall, Roseville.
(don't worry - we bought the disc with copyright priviledges!)
Here are some other favorite / random pictures from April '10
These boys love their Daddy!
Num Num - Teething biscuits (Nick-L, Jack-R)
(Jack - Blue / Nick - Green)
(Nick-L, Jack-R)
(Jack - Blue / Nick - Green Stripes)
Trying to open the door to the garage (Nick-L, Jack-R)
Dad & the boys at Stow Lake in San Francisco
Tourist Attraction: TWINS!  (At Stow Lake, SF)
Mommy & the boys with a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge, SF

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