Monday, July 5, 2010

June Pictures

Gosh, I can't believe June is over!  I must have blinked ... it's gone!  Here are some cute pictures of the boys to sum up the fun we had together:
Picnic in the park
Playing in the swings

Family walk at the Davis Arboretum
Beep Beep
Mom cut our hair - short! (Jack-L, Nick-R)
Can you tell how much fun we had this day!? (Jack-blue, Nick-green)
Bathtime Babies
Hanging out in Grandma Diane's pretty garden
Playing in the ball pit at our friend Easton's birthday party (My Gym - Elk Grove, CA)
Happy Father's Day!!
Grandma Diane dragging the babies out of the bar at Chevy's
... I think they heard there were bottles in there!! ;)
Left: The boys watching me fold laundry in the bedroom ...
I would have let them in but I didn't think they'd be willing to help!!
Right: Nick was supposed to be sleeping! lol

The Swedes: Carin & Emmeli came to visit :)

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