Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where Does The Time Go?

I really can’t believe that December is almost half over! Where does the time go? I have been thinking about the blog lately and even jotted down some stuff I want to post but I’ve been sooo tired and foggy-brained lately that I couldn’t even muster the energy to make an update. So now, even though I think I’m getting a cold, and even though I don’t feel like doing anything except sitting on the couch while the boys nap, I figured I could at least sit on the couch w/ a computer in my lap to catch up on the blog. :-)

Jack & Nick are still working on their crawling skills. They mostly just scoot on their hands & knees and then do a face plant. They are starting to pick up their arms and put them in the air but haven’t figured out how to coordinate the hand & knee movements. I’m OK with that. I’m so excited for them to meet their next milestone but I’m not so ready for them to be able to go wherever they want, whenever they want! Chris and I have been talking about – and going back & forth about – baby gates. Do we need them? How many do we need? Where should we put them? Could we do this instead of that? Oye. I didn’t think these would be such debated topics!! I keep thinking that if we decide to go one way we’ll wish we would’ve gone the other way … I know this is vague but my post would be 5 pages if I elaborated on all the things we’ve discussed!! LOL Who knew baby-proofing would be so overwhelming!? It seems like just yesterday we were bringing them home from the hospital. Where does the time go?

The boys are becoming so much more interactive with each other lately. They are kleptomaniacs – no doubt in my mind! It doesn’t matter whether they have 50 different toys around them – all of which they love to play with & many of which we have two of – they HAVE TO HAVE the toy that their brother is playing with! And pacifiers. They steal each other’s pacifiers! They even go as far as plucking the pacifier right out of the other baby’s mouth. Ruthless! I have captured at least three instances on the camera of them stealing toys from each other over and over … and over … and over! It’s so cute but I’m wondering how long it will be until I’m breaking up a fight over who gets to play with the set of keys. Yikes. How soon do I have to teach them to share w/ each other instead of giggling and running to get my camera for pictures? How soon until it’s not so cute anymore? Because right now, it’s so darn cute!!

I’m not the only one laughing these days either. They also make each other laugh. If they are sitting next to each other or somehow roll over and discover their brother is there next to them they will just stare at each other and giggle. They lovingly put a hand on the other’s face or shoulder and just give a smile to the other one. I love it. Another thing they tolerate – maybe because they are twins, maybe because they are brothers, maybe just because they are the same age – is when one grabs the other’s foot and uses it as a teething toy. They both do it so I’m more inclined to think it’s an age thing but it’s another cute thing I’m going to try to remember when they hit the stage of knock-down, drag-out fighting … and the times I think to myself, Where does the time go?

Besides being cute, they also know how to melt a momma’s heart - ♥ - my heart melts every time I hold them and they grab my face with both of their hands, pull their face into mine, sucking on their pacifier and making a cooing sound while smiling! It’s their hug and it’s how they tell me, “I love you momma”. Aw, I love you too Baby – with ALL of my melting heart!

I also love to see Chris play with the boys. That melt’s my heart as a wife, and as a mother. My favorite thing is when Chris gently buries his head into the boys’ chests or tummies and the boys give a big belly laugh. They love it! They laugh so much that they usually get the hiccups! I’ve tried to capture a video of these moments but, it just doesn’t do it justice. My boys LOVE their daddy – and so do I!

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  1. I had the JOY of watching them while you got your haircut on Saturday. They were absolute angels. They do love each other - and the touching, playing, stealing toys is cute. What I love - they wouldn't sleep apart from each other -had to be in the same room. It was so cute listening to them when they woke up..talkign and ga-ga-ing to each other. Adorable. They'll hate me later for saying, "adorable".. but they were!