Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nick Has A Tooth!

Younger brother Nicholas got his 1st tooth today - 8months / 8 days old - exactly one week after Jack.  Granny Margie called to check in on everyone & asked if Nick had gotten a tooth yet or if Jack was still the only one.  I mistakenly said Nick was still toothless but since he was sitting right next to me I stuck a finger in and - voila - there was his bottom left tooth!  Same one that Jack got in first.  Maybe that is how it happens since they're identicals.  I'm not sure - maybe I should look that up - but in any case, it was there!!  Thanks for asking Granny Margie :-)

I should have checked sooner because the night before last Nick was up most of the night - which is exactly what Jack did right before his tooth came through.  They were happy, just awake & playful at 4am for no good reason!  Well, OK, maybe for good reason - depending on how you look at it!!  I guess in my exhaused haze I didn't even think to check again today.  I just kept giving him his teething rings, teething pacifier, my rubber spatula, Gerber Puffs & teething biscuits to his little heart's content while he sat and watched me in the kitchen today preparing for our Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow.  All the while a little tooth was making its debut!

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