Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry 1st Christmas

It was a Christmas of firsts.  We celebrated our first Christmas with Jack & Nick!  They were surrounded by friends and family that love them and even got to see Granny & Grampy Fields on the web cam Christmas Eve :-)  I prepared my first holiday dinner - on my own anyway, I've made holiday dinners before with my mom or with my grandma but this was the first one I prepared by myself - for a Christmas Eve celebration with my dad, my uncle (dad's brother) and Cat, my uncle's significant other.  The boys were on their best behavior and slept while we ate and opened presents!  Cat & Wes brought the boys the Little People Bath Boat.  The love it ... especially the Nemo squirty fish that came with it.  Granny & Grampy Fields sent the boys adorable blue knitted sweater vests and Grandma & Grandpa Marconi had super fun trucks to play with at their house on Christmas Day.  They were also spoiled by Auntie Cindy, Unky Andrew, Scott, Bella, and Jacob who brought new outfits & an interactive/musical/talking doggy toy.  Super fun stuff!  Here are some pictures of our holiday festivities:

Scott, Bella & Jacob visiting the boys on Christmas Eve

Jacob showing Jack his new toy

Jacob, Bella & Scott opening their gifts from the boys

Christmas Eve dinner with my dad, Uncle Wes, Cat & Chris

Nick (l), Jack (r) in front of our tree on Christmas morning

Nick (l), Jack (r) playing w/ their new trucks from Gma Diane

Playing at Gma Diane's on Christmas Day

Attack of the twins!  Just a fav of mine from Christmas Day

We hope your Christmas was merry and that you were surrounded by love!

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