Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I've always worried about our boys keeping up with the standard developmental curve since they were born five weeks early, however, I was really surprised - and quite proud, I must say - when I found a LETTER TO SANTA CLAUS, beautifully written in blue & green crayons!! ;)  I think Santa would agree with me about how brilliant they are!  Here is their letter I found - right by the exersaucer:

We are so excited about our 1st Christmas!  We are growing, playing, babbling, sitting up, eating real people food (pureed of course, and Mom doesn't let us have any of the yummy seasonings yet!), and we're working really hard on crawling.  I bet if we were awake when you visited our house this year you could see us crawling around the tree (and making Mommy chase us in different directions).  We are really good boys, we're awfully cute & we're hoping some of the stuff on our wishlist below makes it under the tree this year :)
What's Inside? Toy Box

We will continue to be on our best behavior and take naps when Mom says that we need them. We know you are watching, making lists & checking them twice. We decided to keep our list short since you're very busy during this time of year. I hope you're looking forward to stopping by our house. Mom said that she is going to leave some yummy cookies out for you!

Merry Christmas Santa. Please give our best to Mrs. Claus & the Reindeer too.

Love, Jackson & Nicholas Fields
Amazing boys! I just think they're adorable - but that's a mother's biased opinion :)

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  1. Oh my.. such sweet and thoughtful boys! thinking of Mrs. Claus like that - why I think they're perfect.