Monday, July 5, 2010

Valentine's Weekend (posted in July!!)

OK, it's July 5, 2010 and this is proof that I meant to update our blog earlier than today!  I made a draft/outline of things I wanted to post about.  We had a busy weekend in mid-February so I'll leave the list and include pictures below each thing to show what we were up to!!

Jake's 4th birthday party: Jacob turned 4 in February & his party was a gymnastics center.  The boys had a great time as they were getting around really well, still crawling, but quick enough to have to watch their every move!  It was a lot of fun
Valentine's Day - Church & a picnic in the park **Boys turned 10 months 2/14 :)
On V-Day we started at church and decided to try a picnic in the park since it was so beautiful outside.  It wasn't quite ideal because the boys didn't want to stay still (and we didn't end up in the intended part of the park) but it was fun and they boys got to sit on the blanket near a pond in Land Park!

Bay Area Discovery Museum, Sausalito CA & dinner in San Francisco:  On Feb. 15th we set out on a trip to the boys' first museum - Auntie Cindy & Bella came with us too!  It was a really fun day and we decided to go into San Francisco afterward for dinner at Rainforest Cafe but it was tooo crowded so we went across the street to Boudin's restaurant (the SF Sourdough Bread bakery).  It ended up being a late night for all but a fun day nonetheless.  Also worth mentioning ... Auntie Cindy had never driven down Lombard Street (unbelieveable) so we did that too!  Here are a few pictures of the museum ...

And last but not least, here is a video we captured on Feb. 16th of Jack clapping and Nick waving:

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