Monday, September 17, 2007

Sweden: Stockholm (9/12/07)

Well ... as you can see, it's now the 17th and I am just now posting the blog for the 12th. :( Chris and I have been so busy that we're ready to pass out once we get back to the room! So ... I have decided that I will just post pictures with short captions for the rest of the trip. Pictures are what everyone wants to see anyway, right?!

Here are our pictures from Stockholm on 9/12/07

This is the city view from a street near our hotel, The Rival Hotel. Chris loves to find the highest point he can for a picture of the skyline and this was a lucky find because it wasn't on one of our tourist maps and it was a little off the beaten path. Stockholm is a very pretty city and as you can see the weather was beautiful - even though rain was in the forecast!!

Another city view from Nybroplan - the harbor area of Stockholm
at the water level near the sightseeing tourboat docks.

This was the subway station near our hotel in Stockholm ... it was the longest escalator EVER!

The Vasa Museum

Chris and I in front of Skansen - a "theme park" of sorts that has exhibits demonstrating the old, traditional Swedish homes, villages, and animals. We were lucky to have Carin's suggestion for this because the tourist brochure doesn't do a very good job at explaining what all is included. This was a HUGE place and with the limited time we had to see everything we walked through very quickly ... it was practically deserted except for a few youngsters on a school fieldtrip.

Demonstration of the traditional way hay was stacked
in fields way way way back when (in Skansen)

Demonstration of old traditional Sami camp/village

Demonstration of the old traditional town square

The Royal Palace
(from afar, we didn't go until the next day)

OLD TOWN (Gamla Stan)

Old town square (the Nobel Peace Prize Museum is to the right)
Dinner at Koh Phangan, a Thai restaurant Carin suggested we visit while in Stockholm ... Mmmm, Mmmmm Good! I think the atmosphere actually made the food taste better!!

Goodnight Stockholm!

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